Founded in 2012 by Dustin Demmer, Blazing Star Gardens produces wildflower gardens and native plant landscapes for clients throughout Minnesota. While working in the gardening and habitat restoration industry, he realized that many people and businesses desired more wildflowers in the landscape but wanted more aesthetically pleasing and successful designs. Our business was founded to bridge that gap between ideas and execution to give people what they wanted: high-quality gardens using plants native to Minnesota prairies, woodlands, and wetlands created by professionals who care about long-term results.

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Based in Owatonna, we provide native plants and services to clients in southern Minnesota and the Twin Cities area.

To inquire about services or to buy native plants, email blazingstargardens@gmail.com or call us at 507-402-8337. Our native plants can be purchased at our retail location at Souba Greenhouse, 4003 Crane Creek Rd, Owatonna, MN during May and June and afterwards by appointment.


Our mission is to create wildflower gardens and restoration projects that educate and inspire others. While many native plant projects suffer from inexperienced designs and installations followed by a lack of maintenance, our landscapes are valued for their artistic and ecological designs, thorough installations, and diligent maintenance. We specialize in prairie, woodland, and wetland plants from Minnesota, growing our own plant stock to ensure quality and low-cost installations for small and large-scale projects.

Why Native Plants?

We use prairie, wetland, and woodland flowers and grasses because they are attractive and functional, beautifying our communities and reducing maintenance needs. Masses of native wildflowers attract butterflies and birds while low growing clumps of grasses blend gardens into the surrounding landscape and out-compete weeds.