New England Aster (Aster novae-angliae)

New England Aster (Aster novae-angliae)

Every garden needs an aster for fall blooms, and this one will not disappoint. Its ability to grow in both wet and dry soils makes this one of the most popular asters, for people and pollinators. Prolific purple flowers cover the tops of tall stems.


Sun:    Full Sun, Part Shade
Moisture:    Wet to Medium-Dry
Height:    5 feet
Blooms:    Aug, Sept, Oct
Color:    Purple
Spacing:    2′
Zones:    3-8
Benefits:     Butterflies, Pollinators

Design Tips

The bottom leaves of them stem will turn brown near the end of the season, so it’s helpful to plant other grasses, sedges, or flowers along the base to cover up the stems. Planting grasses or sedges next to this aster also helps prop it up and prevent it from flopping over.

Companion Plants

Orange Coneflower
Fox Sedge
Marsh Milkweed