Softstem Bulrush (Scirpus validus)

Softstem Bulrush (Scirpus validus)

Softstem Bulrush can often be seen growing in shallow water along lakeshores and ponds. It spreads to form large colonies. Round stems and small seed heads make it an attractive choice for shorelines and water gardens.


Sun:    Full Sun, Part Shade
Moisture:    Wet
Height:    6 feet
Blooms:    July, Aug, Sept
Color:    Brown
Spacing:    2′
Zones:    3-9
Benefits:    Shoreline Restoration, Birds, Deer Resistant

Design Tips

Softstem Bulrush spreads by underground rhizomes (roots) to form colonies, so plant it in large groups that can grow together. Best used for shoreline or wetland restorations. Can be planted in shallow water.

Companion Plants

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