Tussock Sedge (Carex stricta)

Tussock Sedge (Carex stricta)

This tough sedge forms hummocks over time–raised clumps of plant matter that rise above the surrounding soil. They grow this way to stay above temporary flooding, which makes them a natural choice for rain gardens and wetland restorations.


Sun:    Full Sun, Part Shade
Moisture:    Wet
Height:    3 feet
Blooms:    June, July
Color:    Green
Spacing:    18-24″
Zones:    3-8
Benefits:    Butterflies, Pollinators, Deer Resistant

Design Tips

Tussock Sedge forms a tall, upright column of fine leaves that create a powerful visual impact when planted individually throughout a garden, or planted in one large mass to provide a tall, dense canopy.

Companion Plants

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