Landscape Services

Landscape Services

Blazing Star Gardens offers a full range of services for garden and restoration projects in the southern Minnesota and Twin Cities area. From conception and design to installation and maintenance, our experience with of each step in the process allows us to achieve exceptional project results. Contact us for an installation or maintenance estimate. Our primary service area in Minnesota includes: Owatonna, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Northfield, Mankato, Rochester, Faribault, Waseca, Albert Lea, and the Twin Cities and surrounding metro area. We use Minnesota native plants to create beautiful natural gardens and restorations.

Prairie and Garden Installation

We install wildflower gardens, prairie restorations, shoreline projects, and rain gardens for homeowners, businesses, municipalities, and non-profit organizations. Our native landscape contractor services are known for their quality and attention to detail.

Installation Services

Rain gardens and stormwater infrastructure

Gardens and landscaping using native flowers and grasses

Prairie and meadow plantings and seedings

Shoreline restorations

Sediment and erosion control

Garden and Prairie Design & Planning

Our native plant garden designs are known for their innovative use of plants and beauty. Long-term quality is our main concern. We have experience with each step of the process–design, installation, and maintenance–which ensures long-term results. Our designs reflect the conditions of each site and balance ecological and aesthetic values, creating gardens that honor the Minnesota plant heritage.

Design & Planning Services

Site visits and consultations

Garden design and landscape plans

Cost estimates and bids

Maintenance plans

Grant writing

Applications for cost-share assistance


Landscape & Garden Maintenance

We offer scheduled and as-needed maintenance services for gardens, landscaping, and restorations. Weeding gardens, removing the previous years plant material, and adding mulch are some of the quality maintenance activities we provide.

Maintenance Services

Rain garden maintenance: weeding, trash and sediment removal

Removing weeds and invasive plants from gardens and restorations

Mowing recently seeded prairies during the first three years

Shoreline restoration maintenance


Classes & Presentations

Speaking events and garden classes help accomplish our mission of promoting native plant gardens and natural areas. Our speaking experience includes: pollinators, garden design classes, innovation in the landscape design industry, and monarchs.

Classes & Presentations

Any community club can schedule a presentation or class

Rain Garden and Native Gardening Classes

Community Education classes in Owatonna

Partnering with schools for native plant gardens and lessons